Oksana Madarash


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Conductor — Artistic Director — Honored Artist of Ukraine

Oksana Madarash

Диригент Оксана Мадараш. Conductor Oksana Madarash

Kyiv National Academic Operetta’s Theater


Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts. The Faculty of Music

Art Director and Conductor

Диригент Оксана Мадараш. Conductor Oksana Madarash

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“Oksana Madarash is one of the brightest representatives of new era of modern ukrainian conducting school.

She naturally combines high professionalism, original style and manner of conducting, perfect technique and bright stage artistry.

She is a very sensual conductor, possessing wonderful technique and incredible character.

She deeply feels every piece of music and has unique conducting style”


For me is a very incredible opportunity to see Oksana Madarash conducting the Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra:  Fantastic!

The performances of Oksana Madarash are important:  the Symphony №4 by Beethoven, the Symphony № 4 by Tchaikovsky, the Symphony № 5 by Shostakovich, and the Suite № 2 from Daphnis et Chloe by Ravel.

Oksana Madarash is a Conductor with great sensibility. She is very intelligent. She is also a special woman, with a very special position in the stage demeanor. She is a Conductor with a perfect technique and with superb musicality:  she is with the fire of the Music. Is not possible not remember the wonderful performances of Oksana Madarash, because the charme is total.

Marcello Abbado

Her style is recognised with closed eyes. She is said to be very charismatic. She experiences standing ovation. She remembers each and every of her teachers, she keeps scores in her head and inspires the orchestra with exciting life stories of composers.

Hanna Onyshchuk cultua.media

Oksana Madarash is the conductor and director of extraordinary and very successful projects, those that became key events in the cultural life of Ukraine.

Guzel Sabitova «Maestro»

Oksana is conductor in her soul, in toughts and in movements. Pavlo Muravsky, the great teacher, said after conservatoire final exam, pointing at Oksana’s heart: «You have music in here, child». Yes, music is in her heart.

Olena Ivashko ukurier.gov.ua

There was Oksana Madarash at conductor’s stand, Honored artist of Ukraine and conductor of highest category. Her inspiration resulted in Kyiv «Strauss in Operetta» New Year concert. In partnership with enexcelled theatre orchestra they created pure magic…

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Video Interview "Conductor Oksana Madarash" (uk)

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