Art Director and Conductor

of the youth chamber orchestra at the Faculty of Music

Conductor Oksana Madarash successfully combines the main creative activity with the teaching, working at the Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts since 2003 as an artistic director of the youth chamber orchestra at the Faculty of Music.

As a teacher Oksana Madarash pays much attention to the development of orchestral thinking in young students, educating them on the best samples of the world repertoire. The teacher’s experience is known both in Ukraine and abroad. Her students systematically enter higher education in the artistic direction in different countries.

The orchestra under the direction of Oksana Madarash has repertoire of concert programs on musical compositions of both great scale and orchestral miniatures.

The last performances of the orchestra with the programs “The Mystery of Mozart”, “Stabat mater” (Pergolesi), “Eternal harmony in dialogue with oneself”, composed of works by J. S. Bach, and others, had wide publicity in the press, radio, television and received approval reviews.

In 2012, the orchestra becomes the winner of the 1st prize at the 1st International Instrumental Competition named after E. Stankovych (Kyiv).

The orchestra is a staunch participant in large-scale artistic events held both in the academy and in many professional scenes of the city.