For me is a very incredible opportunity to see Oksana Madarash conducting the Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra: Fantastic!

The performances of Oksana Madarash are important: the Symphony №4 by Beethoven, the Symphony № 4 by Tchaikovsky, the Symphony № 5 by Shostakovich, and the Suite № 2 from Daphnis et Chloe by Ravel.

Oksana Madarash is a Conductor with great sensibility. She is very intelligent. She is also a special woman, with a very special position in the stage demeanor.

She is a Conductor with a perfect technique and with superb musicality: she is with the fire of the Music.

Is not possible not remember the wonderful performances of Oksana Madarash, because the charme is total.

Marcello Abbado

Her style is recognised with closed eyes. She is said to be very charismatic. She experiences standing ovation. She remembers each and every of her teachers, she keeps scores in her head and inspires the orchestra with exciting life stories of composers.

Hanna Onyshchuk

Oksana Madarash is the conductor and director of extraordinary and very successful projects, those that became key events in the cultural life of Ukraine.

Guzel Sabitova «Maestro»

Oksana is conductor in her soul, in toughts and in movements. Pavlo Muravsky, the great teacher, said after conservatoire final exam, pointing at Oksana’s heart: «You have music in here, child». Yes, music is in her heart.

Olena Ivashko

There was Oksana Madarash at conductor’s stand, Honored artist of Ukraine and conductor of highest category. Her inspiration resulted in Kyiv «Strauss in Operetta» New Year concert. In partnership with enexcelled theatre orchestra they created pure magic.


Philippe has been more than satisfied with collaboration with ukrainian orchestra. Not only has he express readiness to further cooperate on future projects, but also underlined high professionalism of Oksana Madarash, the orchestra conductor. Louis remarked: «I have formerly worked with female conductor, though she was not as much talented as Oksana».

About «Vivat, Offenbach» concert,

Musical’s melodic style with its simple and logical drama, is incarnated by Oksana Madarash with temper and brightness. The prelude embodies all lyrical themes symbolising the climax of main heroes’ feelings and happiness of the dream that came true. The audience is impressed with melodic accessible romantism of famous song genre rythms.

“My Fair Lady” by F. Loewe on the stage of Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theatre, Zaytseva I. PhD, Associate Professor of P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine

The bell invites the audience into a cozy hall with soft comfortable chairs. Lights go down and the orchestra pit is filled with musicians… Elegant Oksana Madarash, the conductor, appears. For ages the career of a conductor was perceived to be solely a male one, but times change and talented women master this art successfully. At the second Stefan Turchak National Conductor’s Competition Oksana received a special «The Rose of Hope» award. She took part in international competitions for symphony conductors in Italy and in Kharkiv (named after Vahtang Dzordaniya), is a laureate of regional award named after Mykola Arkas. Oksana has been working at the theatre since 2002, is directing conductor of «The Bat» by Johann Straus and premiere «My Fair Lady» by F.Loewe. Moreover, Oksana conducts «The American Comedy» by Mykola Samoylov, «The Jewish Happiness» by Igor Poklad following the motives of Aleksandr Kanevsky’s novel «My name is Manya».

«We will not survive without women in this world», Rayisa Vakhrameyeva

Clearly, I wanted to know why a woman chose a typically male career path and how she feels there. Also, I wanted to hear about communication peculiarities within the team, about understanding, psychology, about many things… All these simple questions were blown away momentarily after I attended Mykolayiv Ars-Nova chamber orchestra concert conducted by maestro Oksana Madarash, honoured artist of Ukraine. All the questions were blown away for one simple reason – music. Music and her incredible talent to conduct it. She conducts.

Olena Ivashko

Extraordinary, interesting, bright, competent, beautiful and intelligent. This is my impression of our country-woman, who reached great musical success at various international levels. Her patriotic feelings become evident in her strive for Mykolayiv to become cultural capital of Ukraine. And it is not just a dream or a fiction, but result of real meetings and efforts.

Olena Ivashko

We have very few female conductors. But if conductor’s stand is occupied by representative of humanity’s best half, this fact itself inclines the audience in favour of a sophisticated musical play.

“Music, which is always lacking, Eduard Ovcharenko