Kodaly Conducting Competition announces finalists

The Kodaly Philharmonic
© Peter Biri Photo

The second edition of the Kodály International Music Competition is currently taking place in Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city with the Kodaly Philharmonic and the Kodaly Choir. The jury chaired by Jorma Panula and including Janos Acs, Peter Broadbent, Remy Franck, Zsolt Hamar, Oksana Madarash and Imre Kollar, announced yesterday evening the 5 candidates having been admitted to the final round. In this third round the candidates will have to rehearse and conduct Zoltan Kodaly’s Psalmus Hungaricus. In the competition organized by the Kodály Philharmonic, which is also celebrating its centenary, Jeunesses Musicales Hungary, and Papageno, Psalmus Hungaricus, composed 100 years ago, will thus occupy a central place. Jury member Remy Franck says: « I look very much forward to the finals, because Psalmus Hungaricus is such beautiful vocal work which deserves to become more popular outside Hungary. It shows such a richly flowing melodic invention and as a song of the oppressed and persecuted it is deeply moving. »

Here are the finalists:
Alexander Sinan BINDER, Germany, 1990
Dániel ERDÉLYI, Hungary, 1988
Mateusz GWIZDALLA, Australia/Poland, 1993
Jiří HABART, Czech Republic, 1992
Eric STAIGER, Germany, 1996

The competition can be followed in the streams: https://kodalycompetition.com/streams-2023/